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We are a vibrant young community, born to impact our surroundings and beyond for Christ! Children, teens, young adults, professionals, senior citizens - all have a place here!

Join us for our Sunday Service at 11:00 am. All are welcome!

You can also find out more about our weekly activities.

CDPC Family Camp 2008
Corporate Prayer during Family Camp 2008
Christmas 2010 drama - The Reckoning of Everyman
Father's Day Celebration
CDPC Family Camp 2008 - The Amazing CDPC Race 2
CDPC 10th Anniversary Celebration
Marriage Course
OA Ministry
CDPC Family Camp 2010 - Paintball
Drama - Red Tie Club
Ripples Retreat 2010
Ripples Retreat 2010
VBS 2010 - Bible Bay
The Sims
Care Bank - Social Concerns
Makasih Toy Library launch
VBS 2010
CDPC Family Camp 2008 - Combined Talent Night
Children Sunday School
Children Sunday School
Go-Kart at Camp 2010