The CDPC pulpit is committed to Expository or Topical preaching from the Word of God.

Expository Preaching

In expository preaching, we undertake a sustained study of a Scriptural text within its context to understand what the Spirit is saying to us today. This form of preaching requires continual preparation, prayer and exegetical precision, but the discipline of wrestling through difficult texts could be immensely rewarding.

Topical Preaching

In topical preaching, we select a topic, for example missions or spiritual gifts, and systematically gather related Scriptural texts to shed light specifically on the matter at hand. This form of preaching is generally easier to digest and helpful when certain relevant issues need to be addressed.

In all these we seek to be Gospel-Centered and Christ-Centered.

Sermon Calendar

Date Sort ascending Title
'Hesed' seen in taking risk and enduring shame (Ruth 3)
The undeserved favor of God seen in His providence (Ruth 2)
The Road to Nowhere & the triumph of grace (Ruth 1)
Free Topic
The Consequence of the Action of One (Romans 5:12-21)
The Benefits of Saving Faith (Romans 5:1-11
The Example of Saving Faith (Romans 4:1-25)
God's Way of Saving Sinner (Romans 3:21-31)
Free Topic
Why we are not any better- No one is rigteous (Romans 3:9-20)
God's Righteous Judgment (Romans 2:1-3:8)
Romans 1:18-32
Free Topic
Free Topic
The Good News that saves (Romans 1:16-17)
Set apart for the gospel (Romans 1:1-15)
Easter Message
Good Friday Message
Christian Politicians & Vocation
Christians as Culture Makers
The Essential Metanarrative as a Framework for our work
Supreamcy of Christ in the workplace (Colossians 1:15-20)
Husband & Wife- Teamwork in the Marriage Cockpit
The Challenges, Opportunities & Temptation in the Workplace
Engaging Culture-Embrce, Confront or Transform