Community / Care Bank / 2012 - Give 'me' your 5 loaves and 2 fishes

2012 - Give 'me' your 5 loaves and 2 fishes

My dear CDPC family
2011 has been an extraordinary year in serving the poor. I want to share the abundant joy in this ministry and encourage many of you to please come join me in loving them. Just 3 examples of JOY UNSPEAKABLE!
Hugs and beaming smiles from the refugee kids and adults when we go visit them. Welcoming hellos and shy looks. Spartan homes in the low cost flats in Imbi and Pudu. Bareness in the kitchens.  Few bags of rice stashed up by the side of the hall. Mattresses piled up against the walls. Averagely 15-25 people crammed in a 3 room flat.
These are the welcoming sights when we go visit them.
We sit on the floor with them, and begin our conversation in (my) pigeon Bahasa. "How have you been, all of you?" They answer with cheek to cheek smiles: "We are fine, we are OK. The cops and RELA have not come to raid us".
Not a single complaint do I hear from them. As long as the men have work, they can survive. They look deceivingly healthy BUT many are seriously malnourished. Hence we try to buy  vitamins for them.
Their fears revolve around two main issues: a) When there is illness or death and b) Having no answers to the question: "Where do we go from here? When will UNHCR arrange for our relocation overseas?"
We urbamites who live cosy lives, do not realise that for the poor, a minor illness or accident can be an impediment to the family's livelihood. E.g. Ah Bee who fell from the ladder, had to take 5 days off without pay, to have his leg heal. No money, no talk. No money, no food. Every cent counts and when one is ill, or worse still, if there is a death, the opportunity cost of using the money to buy food has to be redirected to meds or funeral services.
UNCERTAINTY of life is something they have to grapple with. And putting food on the table is all they live for, day by day. Until there is news of being relocated to the land of milk and it Australia or USA.  So they wait, and wait.
We as CDPC must pray for them. Not just pray, but to practise love in action. It takes SO little to make them happy.
Let us give them our 5 loaves and 2 fishes and allow God to multiply not just the food supply, but to multiply their joy, and their hope. That someone, somewhere out there, does love them.
Samy, wife and 2 sons cram into one room. Kitchen, hall, bedroom - All in one residence.
What Rani cooks is kept for the whole day, unrefrigerated and finished within the day. The last time I visited them, she cooked a simple mutton curry for a one-dish dinner, kept in a small pot in the corner of her room.
The sons (14,17) are huge fans of a football club and they keep a notebook of press cuttings, and long for jerseys or paraphenalia of this club ( ask me! ). Seem to be good kids.
Samy injured his leg in an accident and can't find fulltime work. Wife works as a cleaner for RM750. How do they feed 4 mouths? With difficulty.
But you should see and feel their thankfulness that we offer to feed them every month. When he smiles, it reminds me of the old Darkie toothpaste ad...where his pure white teeth are so visible! :)
Let us give them our 5 loaves and 2 fishes too. And allow hope to be multiplied in this underpriviledged family.
Such a delightful sight to see 20 bags of rice being distributed during their church services once a month! What a joy to make so many people happy! What a joy to feed the crowd! What hope they have in our Lord's goodness!
Thanks to CDPC, we are able to supply 20 bags of rice faithfully every month to this church. The Pastor knows who are the most needy, and rice is repacked into smaller bags for them.
My visit there was filled with SO MUCH GRATITUDE and RESPECT. I thank God for these people who love God with the purest of love.
And so....What have I taken out of 2011, a heart that is filled with gratitude to the Lord for the honor and priviledge of serving the poor. If we say they are blessed by our giving, I can safely say I am blessed multifold!
I now understand why God loves the poor so much! I pray that we too shall follow suit.
Blessed Christmas and as we are blessed, let's bless the poor with our 5 loaves and 2 fishes.