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Can we try to remember CareBank?


Thank you to all who have given to the poor - your items have been distributed to help the refugees in Imbi, Pudu and Kepong, and other poor families.

This is just a humble call for everyone to remember the needs of CareBank and encourage people to buy something. Every item big or small counts!

If every one bought just one can of sardines or one bottle of cooking oil, can you imagine how many cans and bottles we would have collected weekly?

Can we start to make a difference and simply just remember CareBank? Remember the poor? Please.

When you buy one, please buy another.

Items that are most needed and appreciataed:

a) Rice 

b) Cooking oil 

c) Milo   

d) Household cleaning products ( laundry detergent, dishwashing) 

e) Toiletries eg soap, toothpaste  

f) Dried foods ESPECIALLY IKAN BILIS or canned food, salt, noodles.


Grateful to everyone.