Sound System Guide

Sound System Guide


The information on this page outlines the guide to basic operations of the sound system.

Switching on the Digital Mixer

Ensure the power socket under the mixer table is switched on.


The power button on the top right of the mixer should blink green. Press it once to start up the mixer. The start up process takes approximately 1 minute.

Loading the default settings

  1. Press the CUE LIST button to display the available presets.
  2. Turn the selector knob clockwise until ENGLISH WORSHIP is highlighted.
  3. Press the knob once to load the preset.
  4. Press MENU to dismiss the Cue List screen.

You may also select another preset if you know which one you would like to use.

Power up the Amplifier

Switch on the outer power socket on the wall beside the amplifier rack.


Press the POWER button on each of the 3 amplifier units.

Setting up the Sennheiser handheld microphone

The microphone is kept inside the left drawer of the mixer table.

  1. Unscrew the bottom section of the microphone and pull it down to reveal the battery compartment.
  2. Load two AA Eneloop batteries into the microphone battery slots. The positive terminals of both batteries should face down.
  3. Push the battery compartment back up into the microphone, and screw it back on.
  4. Press and hold the red Power button for about one second to switch on the microphone.

Remember to switch on the microphone wireless receiver on the top shelf of the amplifier rack.

Channel Assignments
  1. Drums right (crash)
  2. Drums centre (kick and snare)
  3. Drums left (high hat)
  4. Bass
  5. Piano
  6. Electric Guitar
  7. Acoustic Guitar
  8. (unused)
  9. (unused)
  10. (unused)
  11. Backup Vocal
  12. Backup Vocal
  13. Wireless Sennheiser Headset
  14. (unused)
  15. (unused)
  16. (unused)
  17. (unused)
  18. (unused)
  19. (unused)
  20. Handheld Sennheiser Microphone


Before unplugging any instruments, cables or microphones, make sure the channel number is OFF to avoid popping the amplifiers and speakers.


Shutting down the mixer

Press and hold the mixer's Power button for a few seconds until it blinks yellow. Press it again to shut down the mixer.


Remember to switch off everything else that you have turned on, and remove the batteries from the microphone.