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The Reckoning of Everyman

Coming to you this Christmas in CDPC
Friday 24 Dec 2010 7:30 pm onwards

The Reckoning of Everyman is an adaptation of a 15th century morality play, which answers the most important religious question: "What must man do to be saved?"

God sends Death to summon Everyman (who represents all of mankind) to give an account on how he has lived his life. Everyman then goes on a journey to this final reckoning, trying to convince Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, Possessions, Strength, Beauty, Discretion and Five-Wits to accompany him in order to improve his account, only to discover that only Faith and Good-Deeds would follow him on this journey.

This play shows us not only how we should face death, but how we should live.

Watch the play:

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Well done Labuites!

Thank you all for the hard work put in. It was a heartwarming drama and I believe it has touched many who came.