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Labu Theatre Group was started in 2008 to convey God’s truths & lessons through performing art, utilising drama, storytelling, music, lighting & props. It is also a platform for Christians to glorify God while developing & exercising their creative gifts. Labu endeavours to stage thought-provoking, life-impacting and God-glorifying plays.


our projects so far

2008 Nov :: Vacation Bible School "Cosmic City"

2008 Dec :: Christmas "The Child of Destiny"

2009 Apr :: Good Friday "Stations of the Cross" Audio Drama (download audio)

2009 May :: Sermon Illustration "Covetousness"

2009 July :: CDPC 9th Anniv "The Red Tie Club"

2009 Nov :: Vacation Bible School "Wildwood Forest"

2010 Apr :: Good Friday & Easter "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

2010 July :: CDPC 10th Anniv "I Love Church!"

2010 Nov :: Vacation Bible School "Water Works Park"

2010 Dec :: Christmas "The Reckoning of Everyman"


Love Theatre?

Labu is always seeking out individuals with passion, commitment (and a sense of adventure!) to join our team in various areas such as acting, producing, directing, costume, props, sound and light.   

Contact person: Alicia (016 236 3493 | aliciatww at gmail dot com dot my)


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