Community / Care Bank

Care Bank

CDPC's Care Bank was started in response to the call to love our neighbours and to serve the community.

The Care Bank is a storehouse of dry foods, toiletries and daily essentials meant for the poor, orphans, refugees, widows, homeless – anyone in need really!

Care Bank jingle

When you're out shopping and you're filling your cart
Don't forget about Care Bank
Pick up an extra little thingy or two
And bring it over to Care Bank

The LORD has called on each of us
To care for one another
To bring the love of Jesus
To His people so they know that
Yes He's real

Let us be His hands and feet
To be the bringers of blessing
Let's all do our bit for the

Care Bank it's really simple to
Care Bank show them His love is true
Care Bank Let the LORD bless them through you