Our day out at a Myanmar Refugee Church Mara Evangelical Church

Bryan Yee from Ripples shared this at the Youth and Main services at Mara Evangelical Church on May 27 2012. It was a great exposure and outreach trip to join the Mara refugees in their home church off Jln Ipoh. Several of Ripples and young adults went along.

New Political Realities in Malaysia

Everyone in Malaysia is talking about the new political realities after the General Election in which the Barisan National, the ruling party was dented in its ego. 

The new political realities: Umno’s dominance is crippled. Its invincibility is exposed. Umno like the proverbial emperor is without clothes. 

The Allah controversy

What is the crux of the matter?

Ministering the Gospel with a Heart for the City

The launch of Makasih, the Family Support and Resource Services in CDPC for Subang Jaya community recently was well received by the public. Parents don’t need to feel alone in going through struggles while handling their children with learning disabilities. I had a heartwarming conversation with a single mother who has two autistic children.

Law and Grace

The pulpit of CDPC, which focused on the book of Galatians and Ten Commandments, has sparked off some interesting conversations. One member commented: “It will be interesting to see how the different preachers handle the subject of grace and law.

Biblical Vision of the Church

"The Church is an entity, which has outlasted many states, nations and empires, and it will outlast those that exist today. The Church is nothing other than that movement launched into the public life of the world by its sovereign Lord to continue that which he came to do until it is finished in his return in glory. It has his promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Gospel DNA

Redeemer Presbyterian Church is a mega church with 5000 members in its multiple services. The worship services are traditional and contemporary in style. I found that both traditional and contemporary worship services of RPC convey the sense of the worth and beauty of God through thoughtful liturgy, kingdom-centered prayer, Christ-centered preaching and joyful music.

The One Who Passed the Ball is as Important as the One Who Scored the Goal

It's such a joy to see members working together to make the CDPC Open House event a memorable one. I could see the 'muscle men' Mong Ern, Markus, Hwei Yeow carrying tables and chairs from church building to the shopping gallery and back to church after the event was over. Ian, Yong Yi, Chee Meng and the musicians setting up the PA and instruments for the songs presentation.

Descendants of Genghis Khan

Badma and Badja are the first Mongolians I met three years ago when they spoke at CDPC. They aroused my interest of Mongolia. They mainly talked about the great need of Mongolian church.

Kairos Moment

I received a phone call from a total stranger yesterday telling me that God's Spirit had spoken to him and directed him to come to Malaysia. The Holy Spirit stirred his heart for the Vietnamese in Malaysia. He fled Saigon in the early 90s as a young man. His father was a captain in the army and used to work for the CIA.