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Technical Guide: Live Video Feed Setup

This document outlines the steps necessary in order to set up a live video feed from W-10-2 (Main Sanctuary) to W-9-2 (Second hall).

This bag and its contents belong to a former LiveWire! crew member who left it with us

Get two RCA male to BNC male cables from this bag in the sound control room.

The RCA male and BNC male cables are as follows.

(All of them are actually BNC cables with RCA adapters on one of their ends)

From the video camera bag, get the audio-video cable and the RCA female adapter.
In the video camera's connector ports on its right side, plug in the camera's audio-video cable into the AUDIO/VIDEO port (yellow).

On the other end of the camera's audio-video cable, connect the yellow RCA male connector to the female RCA adapter.

Do the same for the RCA male to BNC male cable.

Plug in the BNC connector of the RCA male to BNC male cable into the BNC input port behind the digital video mixer, ensuring the slots on the port are aligned to the connector.
Twist the head of the RCA male to BNC male cable clockwise until it locks into position.
The BNC port in W-9-2 (second hall) is on the right wall before the stage.
Connect the BNC end of the second RCA male to BNC male cable into the BNC port in W-9-2, in the same manner as you connect to the digital video mixer.
Plug the RCA end of the RCA male to BNC male cable to the projector's video port (yellow). If there is another video cable connected to the port (usually from the DVD player), unplug it first.
Switch on the projector. Then, either select VIDEO input on the projector, or from the projector's remote control unit.

With this, the projector in W-9-2 will display the same content as the televisions and projector in W-10-2.


Alternative / Second Camera Setup

If you would like to set a camera on the pillar in the wing of the main sanctuary, the instructions are as follows:

The pillar has an RCA video port near the floor in the wing.

Instead of using the BNC cable, use the RCA cable (yellow) inside the video camera bag and connect it to the camera's audio-video cable using the RCA female adapter.

The RCA port is connected to the digital video mixer.

I am a volunteer media team leader at my church (Mavuno Downttown) in Nairobi Kenya and I was surfing the web to get material to develop a training manual for the new volunteers signed onto the media department.
I came across your website and this very helpful page about live feeds set up.  I have borrowed your set up instructions layout where relevant to our set up and some images for training purposes only.  
Thank you for putting this out there. 
I am greatful, 
God bless you abundantly and may he enlarge you as you serve. 
Judy Bisem